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Success Stories From Congregations

Back To Your First Love

Shared on August 25, 2011

As we endeavor to serve God, sometimes “doing ministry” clouds the work of the “Great Commission” of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ through evangelism.  After much reflection and prayer, seeking the Lord for an answer as to why after several years of hard labor in the vineyard, Harvest Times’s overall yield of people giving their life to Christ was so low.  the mind startling answer came . . . you have left your first love!

Harvest Time was called into existence by the Lord in 1995 as an evangelistic outreach gap ministry charged with the mission to target the un-churched lost, and those individuals finding it difficult to function within the traditional church setting.  Successful ministry was not about “how many members” or number of programs developed and initiated.  Successful ministry was a focus on people that do not go to church, the hurting and unaccepted misfits of society, and those individuals unable to function within the traditional church setting, whether few or many . . . one or fifty, in a close and personal way that introduced them to the love of God, while exposing them to an opportunity of receiving Christ . . . AND . . . whosoever will, let them come!

April 1, 2011 we changed back from the “church” mode to “evangelism” mode.  Since then we have been experiencing a “harvest of souls” being saved, healed, and delivered.  Currently three people have given their life to Christ, one re-commital, nine Baptisms, two new members joining our outreach, miraculous answers to prayer (healing from cancer, hip dysfunction & pain, recovery out of coma and now in rehabilitation, acquisition of jobs and homes, head surgery cancellation, a breakthrough in addiction cycle, etc).  God is showing His approval of this direction by confirming His Word with signs and wonders following.  It’s so exciting to be back on track . . . back to our first love! Pastor Jim likes the saying of “evangelize or fossilize!”

 Truly we have planted and watered, but God will give the increase.  We are expecting re-commitments to Christ, new converts, and spiritual renewal. 

We desire your continued prayers as Harvest Time Evangelistic Outreach continues to be “the place that cares for your soul”.  

Pastor Joyce Starr          

Shared by

Muskegon Heights Harvest Time Christian Church
420 West Summit
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444
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