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Success Stories From Congregations


Shared on May 16, 2012

Our congregation is a very traditional group by design.  Over the past eleven years of my ministry, we have seen a low attendance of 17 to much higher groups.  In the past few years, we have had baptisms each Easter, giving us an added source of joy.  Just recently, due to a few visitors, instead of an attendance of 17, we had an attendance of 63.

My wife. Laura Clingenpeel, is the chairperson of the Elders and is doing a great job of organizing our small body of leaders into an effective force in the community.  We currently serve several local mission projects, take communion to the shut-in folks.

Please come visit with us at 10:30 on any Sunday morning.  We have a fine traditional worship service.

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Battle Creek First Christian Church Battle Creek First Christian Church
7475 B Dr N
Battle Creek, MI 49014
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