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2014 Gospel in Action/Detroit dates set

March 11, 2014 Published by Neil Topliffe

The dates are set : Saturdays, May 31, June 7, Aug. 16 and Sept. 6, 2014. Now we need you and others from your church to participate in this fourth year of regional workdays in the Detroit area.

But why participate? It is a great way to help the Region, the people of Detroit,your church and yourself. Three years ago the Michigan Region, along with Rippling Hope, initiated Gospel in Action/Detroit. 

Through work projects experienced firsthand and relationships formed on mission trips, people of all ages will learn that by reaching out to their sisters and brothers in need, they will not only change their lives, but also will powerfully effect the lives of those they serve.  In each of the previous three years the impact of the program in Detroit has grown. 

You are encouraged to support Gospel in Action/Detroit in as many ways as possible this summer.  To learn more about these days and to register, download the Information & Registration form attached to this online news page. Or contact Carl Zerweck, Director of Rippling Hope, 

There are other ways to help too.  Download and print out the attached document to get the list of the many ways to help Gospel in Action/Detroit, including preparing and/or serving a meal to volunteers, donating food and paper supplies, etc..  Another option is to provide the program with any of the following items


  • Pickup Truck(s)
  • Mini‐Van/Cargo Van(s) for Tools/Supplies
  • Mini‐Van/Passenger Van(s) for Volunteers


  • Wheelbarrows Gas Powered Weedeaters
  • Mower/Weedeater on wheels 4 ‘ Levels
  • Lopers 6’ Levels
  • Shovels : Flat, Pointed & Sharpshooter Hammers
  • Garden Rakes Tape Measures
  • Dewalt 18 V Cordless Drills and Saws Utility Knives
  • Paint Supplies Assorted Wrenches
  • Paslode Nail Guns: Framer Werner 13’ Fold Up Ladders
  • Finisher Assorted Screw Drivers
  • 2 Wheeled Dolly Assorted Pliers

“We hope you and your church can be part of Gospel in Action/Detroit in some way,” said Zerweck, a Disciples minister with a long history of leadership in Disciples volunteer mission projects.