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Call for Support of our Battle Creek Congregation #WeAreFamilyFundDrive

February 19, 2019 Published by Rev. Eugene James

This is a moment when we as Michigan Disciples and friends are called to be community … family!

The leadership of the Michigan Disciples region has approved a special #WeAreFamily online fund drive with 100% of donations going to help our Battle Creek congregation and pastor.

We INVITE YOU to join the effort.
The goal is $10,000 with $3,000 going to the pastor for personal losses.

DONATE NOW – #WeAreFamilyFundDrive

Friends, a few weeks ago I began a message, “Being defrauded by someone trusted causes much pain … and sorrow.” Pastor Kingery Clingenpeel and the congregation of First Christian Church, Battle Creek continue to deal with those feelings and the significant consequences as victims of embezzlement that not only emptied the church’s savings accounts but also funds of pastor Kingery and Laura, his wife.

Loses are more than $40,000, with insurance covering only a small portion and even that money will not be seen for several months, plus $3,000 that pastor Kingery paid from personal funds to clear the embezzled charges on the church credit card. Kingery and his wife have committed to continue pastoring for the coming year without salary.

Your support will be greatly appreciated. #wearefamilyfunddrive

Pastor Eugene James, Regional Minister