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Crystal opens July 1 for Families & Groups

June 12, 2020 Published by Neil Topliffe

Short-term rentals available thru Summer

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“Hello Michigan Disciples. We have a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Crystal Lake and vicinity this summer. The Conference Center will be open for short term rentals July 1.”  – Tim Murtaugh, Crystal Commission Co-chair.

Yes, it is good news for Michigan Disciples families, groups and friends. Because we had to cancel all summer camps and retreats, summer dates have opened up for families and groups.
Individual lodges and one dormitory will be available beginning July 1, a decision made after careful consideration for safety amid the Corona virus, and in consultation with our Conference Center managers, United Camps Conferences and Retreats.


Contact UCCR Reservations:
(800) 678-5102 or

Here are the details:

  • Eric Strommer will return and give direction as Site Director. Eric’s long experience at Crystal makes possible the skills to prepare and oversee the safe management of the Conference Center
  • We will be following all CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and cleaning. Click here to see the protocols that we will be following.
  • Missions House, Pioneer Lodge, Cedar Lodge, Oaks Lodge and Beeches Dorm will be available for rent, with discounted rates for Michigan Disciples – just tell UCCR Reservations when booking your space that you are a Disciples church member
  • The Dining Hall will remain closed, as will Fellowship Hall, Chapel and two dorms.
Missions House

Get more details: for descriptions of lodges, rental rates, including special rates for use of Pioneer Cottage for Michigan Disciples clergy

Facebook – for regular updates
Facebook – for regular updates

Volunteers Needed
June 19-21

Have you been locked up in your house since mid March? Looking for a weekend outside? Or just a Saturday or Sunday escape? If you would like to help open Crystal Conference Center for summer short term rentals contact Site Director Eric Strommer if you are able to help some or all of that time: There will be Coronavirus protocols in place to keep everyone safe. Be sure to bring your face mask.

“I am so delighted that short-term rentals can happen … we now have the opportunity to go to our beautiful Conference Center for fun, relaxation, and rest in our Lord and God.  I hope many of you will take time away with family and friends on the shores of Crystal Lake.  I can hardly wait to make my reservation!”  Rev. Jill Forton, Crystal Conference Center Program Coordinator &
Pastor, Cascade Christian Church