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Crystal Property Sale

September 6, 2019 Published by Neil Topliffe

40 Acre Crystal Property Sold
Smaller 5 acre sale set to close soon

A forty-acre parcel of Crystal Conference Center property, that has been on the market for more than a year, has been purchased by a neighboring property owner.

“I am pleased to inform you that the 40-acre parcel (section B in photo) has been sold for our approved negotiated price of $275,000,” reported Doug Morgan, Chairperson of the Michigan Disciples Crystal Property Task Force. The final amount received by the Region was $254,370, after realtor fees and other expenses were deducted, Morgan said.

The sale of the land was approved by the May Regional Assembly, subject to receiving a negotiated price of $275,000 and with final approval by the Regional Executive Committee, all of which was met.

A second property of five acres (section C in photo), also approved by the Regional Assembly for sale at $65,000, has been accepted by both the Region and buyer and will close as soon as a final approval is given by Crystal Lake Township authorities. That triangle is located on the south corner of Lobb and Morro Roads. The Region will continue to own all of the adjacent Morro Road land.

Neither parcel impacts the land used by Crystal Conference Center for its regular camping and conference center activities, Morgan pointed out. The Region continues to own 87 acres, including the camping area, beachfront and undeveloped surrounding land.

The Michigan Disciples Regional Board will act on disbursement of property sale income at its October Board meeting. $55,000 has already been designated to go back into the North Oakland Fund For Crystal to replace money used in recent years as an emergency to avoid shutting done operations and canceling the camp season.