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CWS Special need for Blankets

January 18, 2014 Published by Neil Topliffe

Recent record low temperatures in the Midwest have reminded everyone what bitter cold feels like.  During the coldest days, many Midwesterners were able to stay in their warm homes, perhaps putting on an extra sweater or piling on warm blankets.

For many people in the U.S. and around the world, struggling against the bitter cold is a daily challenge.  Homeless persons in the U.S. seek shelter and warmth all winter.  Around the world, disasters force people from their warm homes, sending them to shelters and refugee camps. 
CWS is there.

The Church World Service CWS Blankets+ program provides warmth, hope, and care during cold and trying times.  A gift of just $10 provides a sturdy, comforting blanket to children, men and women who are struggling against the cold.

This Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to give thanks for the warmth in our homes, our churches, and our hearts by providing CWS blankets to those in need.  Please request materials for a Blankets+ offering by calling (888) 297-2767 or visiting

Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton, courtesty