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Gospel In Action Workdays in August & September

July 24, 2015 Published by Neil Topliffe

Michigan Disciples still have two opportunities to support the regional Gospel in Action misssion work program yet this summer.  Organize a group from your church or some friends and spend a Saturday in Detroit renewing a home and renewing your faith, all at the same time! 

THE DATES: August 22 and September 19 are Michigan Disiples Saturday workdays. 


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The Gospel in Action program is carried out in coordination with Rippling Hope.  (<>)
It's a year-round ministry that provides volunteers a variety of mission and service opportunities and promotes conversation and relationship between neighbors of diverse cultures. Some of the ways you can help are by coming to work a day or a week at a time, by preparing meals, by doing office work, by donating money, tools, or food/snacks. 

If you are available through the week to work, call Carl Zerweck at 512-619-0575 to make arrangements. 

There are three attachments:  One is the Registration Form for the Regional workdays, the second is the Pledge Form, and the third lists the multiple ways someone can volunteer for the Gospel in Action mission.