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HELM Leadership Fellows program invites applications

March 13, 2014 Published by Neil Topliffe

Higher Education and Leadership Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) invites current first-year college students to apply to join the HELM Leadership Fellows. The postmark deadline for applications is April 15, 2014.

Now entering its 14th year, the Leadership Fellows Program responds to the rapidly changing context for Christian leadership. Leadership Fellows have the opportunity to engage directly the ministry of emerging and renewing local Christian communities across North America with the guidance of expert coaches and mentors.  They share what they learn with each other during annual conferences and get to meet with the most creative and faithful leaders from across the whole church and continue in relationship with each other and The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for four years and beyond.

HELM Leadership Fellows also receive a $2,000 educational grant during their second, third, and fourth years of undergraduate work and fellows entering since 2013 will also have the opportunity to develop individual projects and opportunities during their first year after college.

Over 90 young Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and Anglo Disciples have participated over the past 13 years. To learn more about the program, go to  Applicants can also receive the application packet by e-mail by sending a message to For all the details go to the HELM website.