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Loving families into wholeness*

October 10, 2013 Published by Neil Topliffe

First Christian Church in Lansing, Mich., found a partnership in the community that made a world of difference for one 22 year old homeless mother of three. For 18 months the church worked with Sparrows Nest to help that mother with support and training so she could eventually own a home she can afford.

Rev. Richard Boyd, reports, “Our members fixed up the mobile home that she was given, helped her find a job, tutored her weekly in parenting and budgeting, played with her children, and served as an extended family resource to help the kids get to and from school each day. It was a very tense 18 month transition, at times, with several low moments, but with many wonderful moments, too, especially since, in the end, she took charge of her own life.”

The young mother found a job, passed her GED exam and also gained confidence in her ability to live independently. Boyd said, “I think that the two or three project leaders in our church would say it was worth it, and that our young mother became a human sized miracle. We have gained a real respect for how hard it is to make it back to safety if you are a family on the streets. This was a big challenge, an eighteen month effort of daily work, flat out.”

The Sparrow's Nest program is based on having a trained church ministry team to help the family through life-skills training and accountability.

*(Story from Disciples News Service, a weekly publication of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), October 9. Used by permission. Click here to receive DNS enews.)