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Survey for Michigan Clergy & Lay Leaders

May 8, 2020 Published by Neil Topliffe

Give direction to the future shape and work of Michigan Disciples

Having dependable information is so very important when developing a reliable plan for the future. That is why we Michigan Disciples are engaged in a careful study to strengthen our future witness and ministry as a Region, supporting your church and 40 others across the state. 

Under the leadership of the Michigan Regional Board and “Vision 2021 & Beyond Task Group,” we are in a discernment process about the future. Are you a member of a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation in Michigan? Are you a Disciples clergyperson living in Michigan? If so, this is where you come in – we need your input!

Thank-you goes to all who have already filled out the 10 minute online survey. We are off to a good start. Now we invite those who have not yet done so to join in by using the links below.

[Editor’s Note: IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN MICHIGAN –PLEASE—DO NOT fill out the survey. Thanks]

MICHIGAN DISCIPLES LOCAL CHURCH LEADERS: Are you a leader in a Michigan congregation? As a Region, we are seeking information from you that will enable us to better serve your congregation in the future.  Your input is important, even if you have had little engagement with the region. 

MICHIGAN DISCIPLES CLERGY: Are you a minister serving one of our Michigan Disciples congregations, a retired clergy-person, or one serving in other ministries in the state? Your counsel and insight is invaluable as we look to support you and your church in your ministry and as a clergy-person witnessing to the living presence of Christ among us.

Please take 10 minutes to do the online survey as soon as possible. Your answers are confidential and will only be reviewed by our consultant, Rick Morse, of Hope Partnership of Disciples Church Extension Fund, Indianapolis.

Only the composite scores from the surveys will be shared with regional leaders. They will use the data to build a future “story” for our programs, staffing and structure. The ultimate plan will be to help us determine how best to support our congregations and witness to the love of Christ as a community of Christ working together as the Michigan Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) across the USA, Canada and beyond.