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Pastoral Letter – Call for Financial Support

April 1, 2016 Published by Neil Topliffe

Michigan Disciples Regional Minister, Eugene James, in a letter to congregations and individuals has noted that the current financial support from churches and members means the region will be depleted of operating funds without increased support. 

“In response to this crisis,” James said, “the Regional Board authorized the Treasurer to access funds from the Region's line of credit with the Disciples Church Extension Fund. This will allow us to continue serving clergy and congregations for approximately one year.”

James went on to express gratitude to congregations who have given consistently to the ministry of the Region. “However,” he added, “it is essential that all  of our congregations give and do so on a consistent basis. I give thanks to God and rejoice for those congregations that have sent offerings to support the work of the Region for the first time in several years and have made a commitment to continue that support.”

The letter also noted that when Eugene and Maggie Mills agreed to serve as Co-Transitional Interim Ministers in April, 2010, it was projected that the Region only had enough funds for two years. “By the grace of God, with the support of many congregations in the Region and individuals, and in spite of the diminishing returns from Disciples Mission Fund giving, we have gone beyond the two years.

The letter ends with our regional minister saying, “Just as each member is important to the vitality of the congregation, each congregation is important to the vitality of the Region. Please prayerfully consider how you and your congregation will respond to this urgent need.” 

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