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Peeler feted by Michigan Disciples

January 26, 2021 Published by Neil Topliffe

It was always that friendly voice … “How can I help you today?” You could almost feel that smile even when on the phone. For 22 years Beverley Peeler was the one welcoming us in person or by voice whenever we had business with the Michigan Regional Office.

Beverly Peeler

But she was more than the Administrative Assistant. She was camp registrar, publications communicator, Women’s Ministry or Men’s Ministry cheerleader, ordination facilitator, Commission supporter, ordination facilitator, and business meetings overseer.

Thanks for long service to Michigan Disciples

Besides, she definitely was the one who made sure we were fed well at all those meetings. Yes, all that but also that shoulder of support, ready to pray with/for you most needed.

These were but a few of the many sentiments shared January 9 on a celebrative two hour Zoom retirement celebration for Bev, attended by more than 50 friends from across the Michigan Region and beyond. It included all the Regional Ministers Bev served: Morris Finch, Jon Lacey, Maggie Mills, Eugene James. Words of affirmation also were shared by Regional Board leaders, as well as local church Disciples leaders and ecumenical partners.

More than 50 joined Zoom party to say thanks
More than 50 Michigan Disciples and ecumenical friends across Michigan and beyond joined in celebrating the 22 year service of Beverly Peeler upon retirement the end of 2020

One-word comments voiced were “joyful,” “loving,” “kind,” “Christian,” “patient.” Alex McCauslin, pastor at Journey of Faith Christian Church, Ann Arbor, summed it up well, “Your work in the office has literally brought my ministry into being. Every paper filed, every mailing and emailing and phone call— a building block of the kingdom. May this next season be one of joy for you.”

“I have appreciated the times we have …”

“I have appreciated the times we have sat, we have talked, we have prayed, and we have cried,” Bev said to the Zoom participants. “I thank you for the opportunity to serve … to be me, and a chance to be a loving vessel in your lives … thank you for everything,” she added.

LtoR: Diana Payton and Melba Lacey display quilt that includes squares from all Michigan Disciples congregations. Diana, Melba and Shirley Martinson created the quilt as a thanks to Bev Peeler’s service to the Michigan Region.

Bev was presented with a queen-sized quilt that included squares created by each of the churches in our region along with several of the Michigan Disciples ministries. Thanks goes to Diana Payton, Melba Lacey and Shirley Martinson for the busy hands in getting the quilt prepared.

Beverly also was presented with a basket of cards and letters from friends across the region as well as a substantial monetary gift provided by contributors from across the state. Michigan Disciples Women also announced that Bev’s registration for Crystal Retreats in the future will be an ongoing gift.

The retirement celebration was organized by Diana Payton, Mitzi Hall and Julie Drews.