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Pentecost Offering May 15 & 22

May 9, 2016 Published by Neil Topliffe

Special Day PENTECOST OFFERING dates are Sunday May 15 and 22. We hope you will be sharing the information and envelopes mailed to your church office. If you need more information or material to print, go to the web resources page,

Watch and Download the Video for sharing at your church: CLICK HERE

A Second Wind of the Holy Spirit works through you and other Disciples to keep the new church movement on course toward starting 1,000 new churches in 1,000 ways.  Join the new church fleet with your gift to the Pentecost Offering today! Since 2001 Disciples have planted 934 new churches and tens of thousands of lives have been brought closer to God as a result! One half of this offering remains in Michigan to help plant and support new churches, and the other half goes to recruit, train, coach and walk alongside new church planters across the whole church.

The Disciples new church movement is experiencing a Second Wind. With courageous leaders at the helm and the wind of the Holy Spirit breathing vitality into the movement, Disciples are on course to starting 1,000 new churches by 2020.  For additional information visit