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Preaching Camp Focus on Revelation

August 30, 2018 Published by Neil Topliffe

“Preaching in Conversation with the Book of Revelation,” is the theme of this year's Michigan Disciples Preaching Camp led by Dr. Ron Allen of Christian Theological Seminary.  The September 10-12 gathering will be at the St Francis Retreat Center, Dewitt MI.

ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available at the website,

COST: $150 – includes overnight lodging and meals
             $100 – commuter includes meals

Support for this continuing education opportunity is provided by Michigan Disciples churches and members through the Michigan Disciples Region, Church Growth and Vitality Commission.

“In preparation for the camp, please take time to read the entire Book of Revelation,” encouraged Regional Minister, Eugene James. “I plan to listen to it as I read, which I find very helpful. Go to to access. I'm looking forward to a very meaningful and enlightening time together. See you then.”

Dr. Ronald J. Allen, Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Preaching and New Testament, will help us reflect upon and answer questions we have in our reeading of the Revelation stories. Bring your Bible and expect to hear a fresh word.

Professor Allen is the author of thirty books and will have available for purchase some of the most recent of these volumes.

Why a Preaching Camp?
The camp is designed for the following purposes:

(1) to offer preachers an opportunity to think together about preaching in conversation with the Book of Revelation as interpreted from a perspective that is historical-literary- theological;

(2) to offer preachers inspiration and encouragement in their preaching ministries through time together lifting up the importance of the preaching ministry

(3) to offer preachers a chance to work together and separately to prepare an abbreviated sermon on texts from the Book of Revelation

(4) to offer preachers a chance to preach the abbreviated sermon and to receive supportive feedback from peers

(5) to offer preachers a chance to brainstorm ways to preach the Book of Revelation in the lectionary, in sermon series, as individual sermons over time

(6) to offer preachers a chance to ask questions, raise issues, and share experiences about all aspects of preaching

(7) to offer time and space for other things related to preaching and to the larger work of the church

(8) to have fun as ministers in a relaxed setting with good company and good food.