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Regional Board actions for Regional Assembly approval

July 20, 2021 Published by Neil Topliffe

The Regional Board in its July 17 meeting gave approval to entering into a Partner agreement with the Illinois-Wisconsin Region, beginning in 2022, calling Teresa Dulyea-Parker to be Michigan Regional Minister part-time while also serving as Illinois-Wisconsin Regional Minister – (read full story)

The Board also approved three other actions to be forwarded to the Virtual Regional Assembly scheduled for September 11.

  1. Offers received for purchasing Regional Office

Three offers have been received to purchase the Lansing Michigan Regional office and property as the region downsizes and no longer needs the space provided. Doug Morgan, chair of the Property Sale Committee, anticipates there will be a purchase offer to present for action at the September 11 Regional Assembly

Discussions also are underway with First Christian Church, Lansing, to lease regional office space for files and our administrative Assistant, Jessica Burton, as well as availability for holding regional meetings as needed.

The Regional Board approved the Property Committee “moving forward with the sale of the Regional Office and property at or above $129,900, subject to final approval by an email ballot prior to the Regional Assembly.” Completing the regional office sale and relocation is expected in the last quarter of 2021.

2. Michigan Region Permanent Funds Policy set for revision

Sarah Beth Simonds, chair of the Stewardship and Finance Commission, submitted a revised Permanent Fund Policy that the Regional Board approved by a required ¾ majority vote and will move on for action at Regional Assembly, September 11.

“The original policy was based on a congregational model,” noted Simonds. “A region has different needs than a congregation, and most of the changes were due to this difference.”

The policy, originally approved in 2014 but never implemented, also called for a separate committee of 3-10 people. The revised policy gives the responsibility of managing permanent funds to the Stewardship & Finance Commission with the Regional Board Officers serving as trustees of the permanent funds.

Action also was taken to designate the current “Christian Church in Michigan Fund” as the unrestricted Permanent Fund, receiving future income from gifts, sale of property or assets to the region. Distribution of earnings will be designated 70% for use by the region for its ministries and operations, 10% for capital expenses and 20% for Crystal Conference Center, including camp programs.

3. Region Officers and Board terms to extend one year

“Given the transition we are in this year with our Regional Minister retiring and looking toward moving to a new covenantal relationship with the Illinois/Wisconsin Region, the Board Executive Committee, serving as the Nominating committee, recommends that those Regional Officers and Board members due to end their terms in 2021 be extended for one year until the 2022 Regional Assembly.” That recommendation in the form of a motion submitted by Moderator Mitzie Hall was approved and moves to the Regional Assembly for approval.

Michigan Regional Associates profile description approved

New Michigan Region Districts

The Board also reviewed and approved a revised version of the new Regional Associates profile description. The profiles are being used in selecting four Regional Associates to serve in four geographic Districts, providing care and support to a cluster of Disciples congregations and clergy.

These stipend supported part-time leaders will work closely with the new Regional Minister, local churches and clergy – pastors, non-pastors, and retired clergy.

View Michigan Regional Associates Profile
View New Districts map and Churches