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Regional Board recommends regional ministry partnership

July 20, 2021 Published by Neil Topliffe

Unanimous approval was given to several business items by the Michigan Regional Board, moving the Region forward in calling Teresa Dulyea-Parker as our next Regional Minister. The proposal, to be given final approval at the September Regional Assembly, calls for her to serve on a part-time basis while also serving as Regional Minister of the Illinois-Wisconsin region.

The Partner plan scheduled to begin January 1, 2022 includes calling four part time Michigan Regional Associates who would be assigned to clusters of congregations in four Districts. These contractual stipend positions would be served by ordained clergy, retired or currently serving a Disciples congregation. Their focus would be working closely with the Regional Minister by providing pastoral support to the local churches as well as strengthening the network of clergy in their areas. 

Dulyea-Parker would succeed Eugene James who retires at the end of this year. She is a native of Muskegon and served several years ago as Associate Minister for Central Woodward Christian Church.

Final approval for moving to this new style of regional ministry will be made at the September 11 virtual Regional Assembly. Representatives from all our congregations and Michigan Disciples clergy are encouraged to participate in this significant transition toward strengthening our shared witness in Michigan.

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