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Regional Office for Sale

June 3, 2021 Published by Neil Topliffe

As recommended last fall in the year-long study of future directions for the ministry of the Michigan Disciples region, the Regional Board Executive Committee has approved putting the regional office building up for sale.

The Executive Committee, in a special called Zoom meeting on May 5, 2021, authorized the Property Task Force “to proceed in listing the (Regional Office) property for sale.” The Property Task Force is to report to the July 17 Regional Board meeting on the status of the sale. It has been listed with Coldwell Banker Hubbel Briarwood, Lansing.

Michigan Regional Office for sale

Doug Morgan, chairperson of the Regional Office Property Task Group, has been overseeing the study and decision-making process, including options to lease the property or sell it. After weighing various options, it became clear that the Region was not in the position to become leaseholders, moving instead to offering the office for sale. Is has been estimated that the sale of the building will save approximately $10,000 in annual operating costs, in addition to income received from the sale to support other ministries of the region.

Included in selling the building has been negotiations with First Christian Church, Lansing, on legal agreements for a new owner to have access to the church owned parking lot. Discussion also has taken place for the Region to lease space from First Christian Church for an office and storage regional files. Discussion with the church includes space being available as needed for regional meetings.

“We have held numerous meetings over the past six months carrying out due diligence in determining the best options on leasing or selling the Regional office,” said Doug Morgan. “Realizing our downsizing of Regional staff and diminished need of a regional office building, we believe the decision to sell the office building is the best decision for us moving forward,” he added.

Members of the task group, working with Morgan are John McCauslin, Paul Elliott, Bill Luse, Sarah Beth Simonds, and Eugene James ex-officio. Jim Michal of the Disciples Church Extension Fund, Indianapolis, has served a consultant roll.

The decision by the Regional Board in March to move forward with pursuing a partnership with The Illinois Wisconsin Region for their Regional Minister, Teresa Dulyea-Parker, to serve part time as Michigan Regional Minister, has played a part in the decision to sell the Regional Office.

The Partnership Proposal of the two regions is moving forward with a plan for approval at the July Regional Board meeting and the September Regional Assembly.

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