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Women’s Ministries Spring Fling March 22

February 11, 2014 Published by Neil Topliffe

“The Classic Christian Woman” Spring Collection is the theme for the annual Disciple's Women's Ministries spring fling. The 11 am – 3 pm gathering will be held at The Cornerstone Bistro, 13130 Woodward Ave., Highland Park, Michigan. Tickets are $15 per person.

The organizing leaders note, “The future of work and collaboration is indeed a top priority of the Disciples Women’s Ministries within the Body of Christ. We may all have and want the same goals but benefit from a variety of different strategies, technologies, budgets, cultures, and approaches that influence initiatives. Our measures of success can also be quite different.

“By exploration of Biblical principles for the Disciples Women's Ministries in Michigan, the program will provide opportunity for spiritual growth, enrichment, education, plus a lot of fun in the process.”

Contacts for further information, registration procedure, map and tickets are: Verna Adams, 313.463.3430,; Valerie Adams 313.213.9198; or Sara Beth Simonds, 248.719.9543,

Poster and more information is available for download on this news web page.