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Pulpit Supply Ministers

Please contact to check availability and discuss amount forĀ honorarium. Minimum: $200. If possible, we recommend the rate of $250 per Sunday.

Mileage: The IRS provides a rate of reimbursement. It changes each year, so that should be consulted when setting budgets.

Housing: If the person called upon to preach is required to travel a distance that would take them more than one hundred miles to reach the church, the congregation would provide some form of housing.


Name Phone Email
Tim Murtaugh
Robert Bodell (231) 651-0329.


Name Phone Email
Kingery & Laura Clingenpeel (269) 274-5592
Andy Elliot (641) 841-0496
Joel Dulyea (231) 292-2450
Kathy Bird DeYoung (616) 581-8282
Armand Aronson (616) 822-3687
Warren Walrath (517) 224-6103
Elaine Forrest (269) 419-5627
Elijah Burton 517-755-6913


Name Phone Email
Reverend Stuart Proctor (517) 442-3198 or (517) 442-3082
Bob Cornwall (805) 637-8297 Robert@bobcornwall.comĀ