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From the desk of: Ron Osgood

Dear Friend,

Back in 2018, the Michigan Region launched the Kickstart 2018 annual giving campaign, visiting churches around the region and asking for individuals to donate regularly to support he operating budget of the Michigan Region — which I did in a small way. Fast forward to late 2021 and I had the opportunity to reassess how I should target my church (Disciples of Christ) giving.

Know that the Michigan Region needed financial help and that without a strong regional church individual churches were more likely to fail, I decided to significantly increase my monthly donation to the Michigan Region operating budget.

The Michigan Disciples of Christ congregations need a strong regional services to support hem, to help them grow. Please join me in growing financial support for the Michigan Region, so that the region can help our Michigan congregations thrive.

Serving Him,

Ron Osgood

Treasurer, Michigan Region


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