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Volunteer Work at Crystal Conference Center.

By May 28, 2024No Comments

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We had an incredible volunteer work day up at Crystal Conference Center on May 18. However, calling it a day doesn’t quite do what happened up there justice!

Starting on Thursday, Jill Forton, Adam Carlson, & Grace Powers brought up a U-Haul of donations for Crystal from Cascade Christian Church that has been used to transform the organization in Roots and the Camp Store (although we’re calling it the office now!) They also donated some of the older things at Camp to Goodwill that will continue to be used by someone who needs it.

Grace Powers and Jill Forton stayed Thursday night and all day on Friday organizing Roots and the Office and, in many ways, set Crystal Conference Center up for years to come. They were joined by over 30 volunteers (including the youth group from Cascade Christian Church) on Saturday who raked countless leaves, cleaned Fellowship Hall better than it has ever been cleaned before, opened up the Chapel, and did numerous other tasks around Camp.

Thank you to Eric, Ashley, and everyone else who made it happen!