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Crystal: Stewardship of the Forest

Currently, the view of parts of the forest on the Crystal Conference Center property is not appealing by any stretch of the imagination. This is cause for concern by members of the Region and our neighbors alike. This is the result of circumstances that were within the control of those responsible for chipping and clean up and circumstances beyond anyone’s control. An assessment of the conditions, activities, and individuals connected with these conditions has been made. Remedies have been made and others will be forthcoming. A review of oversight, checks and balances, and accountability is underway and the Crystal Commission will assess the results.

The fact that trees don’t become diseased and die in artful patterns in the forest means that the removal of those trees will sometimes cause temporarily unsightly gaps. This was the case in one area where several large, diseased Beech and Ash trees had to be removed. What seemed like a healthy stand of trees was diseased and hollow inside, an example of how looks can be deceiving.

I will be working with the Crystal Commission to develop a comprehensive plan for the removal of diseased trees, proper harvesting, debris removal, and reforestation in consultation with persons who have expertise in forest management.    

Your patience, prayers, and understanding are solicited and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Eugene James, Regional Minister