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We had a wonderful Regional Assembly at Crystal Conference Center, on May 20. Disciples from around the region gathered to celebrate radical hospitality and hear our keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. Dawn Darwin Weaks encourage us to break through roofs (walls, attitudes, patterns, fears) to make access to Jesus possible. (Mark 2:1-12)

We encourage you to read her book “Breakthrough” published by Chalice Press. And, we have two videos for you to view for more inspiration.

Becoming Connection:


Thank you to Armand Aronson and his wonderful crew for a great assembly!

Many Hands…

I don’t know who said it first, but “Many hands make light work.”

And, we have all been given spiritual gifts to blend together to do God’s work.

Here are some of the volunteers who spent time, effort, and sometimes some money over and above their own call to duty:


First Name Last Name Volunteer Activity
Shirley Boyer Check-in
Holly Brandsma Check-in & Barn-Dance singer
Kay Brannan Music: Saturday and Sunday
Mike Brief Music from the Northern Area, and wearing shorts
Jenny Caylen Music from the Northern Area
Bill Drews Music: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Teresa Dulyea-Parker Arranged w/ Keynote Speaker Dr. Dawn Weaks
Chuck Dykhuizen Lead Golf Cart Jockey
Pam Dykhuizen Special Food needs coordinator
Liisa Erskine Lead Musician Friday, Saturday; Music Coordination Western Area
Jill Forton Dean of Lunch, and the What to Bring List
Vicky Kirby Music coordination from Eastern Area
Angelete Lakes Saturday – Communion Meditation
Alex McCauslin Sunday Worship Message
Doug Morgan 2nd Assistant Golf Cart Jockey, and Friday Fire Builder
Pam Morgan Saturday – Communion Prep and Distribution
Tim Murtaugh Master of Ceremonies Friday Campfire and Saturday Worship, Sunday Communion Prep & Meditation
Peggy O’Neal Registrations
Jeff Parker Tech, Video, Sound, Zoom
Diana Payton Name Tags, Cute Little Signs, Communion Distribution
Bonnie Putney Overwatch on Russ Tiller- Hospitality at Check-in
Jim Szabo Flowers at Chapel Door
Eric Strommer Director of the Camp, Lots of extras at a very busy school time.
Russ Tiller Invocation Saturday, Hospitality at Check-in
Sara Tiller Overwatch on Russ Tiller – Hospitality at Check-in
Neil Topliffe Sunday Worship Leader, Sunday Offering Meditation.
Carolyn Waterson Music Coordination from the Northern Area
Dawn Weaks Keynote: Access to Jesus