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What a church can do!

Even when it closes and places assets with Christian Church Foundation designated for six Grand Rapids programs plus the Michigan Region, Crystal Conference Center and Week of Compassion. A legacy that will live in perpetuity continuing the 100 plus year witness for others.

Central Christian Church, Grand Rapids closed at the beginning of 2022. It lives on and is still making a difference in the World.

Matt Rosine our partner at Christian Church Foundation reports a total of $26,542.78 was distributed this year! Indeed, the legacy of Central Christian Church lives on. All distributions were sent at the beginning of April. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • $2,309.22 to Servants Center
  • $2,309.22 to Michigan Veterans Home at Grand Rapids (designated for the Life Enrichment Program)
  • $2,309.22 to North End Community Ministry
  • $2,017.25 to Family Promise of Grand Rapids
  • $2,017.25 to Oasis Community of West Michigan
  • $2,017.25 to Wedgwood Christian Services (designated to the Manasseh Project)
  • $4,326.48 to Christian Church in Michigan Region
  • $3,463.83 to Christian Church in Michigan Region (designated for Crystal Conference Center camp scholarships)
  • $5,773.06 to Week of Compassion