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The Capital CAMPaign Committee, formed by the Michigan Region to evaluate building needs at Crystal Conference Center, is pleased to announce that architects from Elevate Studios have been contracted to develop plans for site-wide improvements. Over the years of our first century, our tradition has been to remove and replace buildings when absolutely necessary to function as a camp. In this tradition, the CAMPaign group, chaired by Em Syrewicze and Michael Dirksen, was initially charged with raising money and overseeing an update of the Dining Hall. As a committee we soon realized that a greater vision is needed to prepare our facilities and grounds for the next century.  As well as increased summer use during the camp season, we envision making the property accessible for everyone, year-round, attracting expanded use by churches, Regional programs, and rentals. Picture our children and grandchildren of the future, enjoying the place we all love so much, learning of Christ on the lakeshore, worshipping God in the chapel, enjoying Crystal Lake in the summer, and also collecting leaves in the autumn, skiing down snow-covered trails and skating on the lake in the winter!

As the committee works on a master plan to take the Region’s most valuable resource into the future, we are especially grateful to the legacy of Central Christian Church, Grand Rapids, for their generous contribution that has kickstarted the campaign, and to the Michigan Regional Board for the seed money to begin this work.

Once decisions are made on the first phase of improvements and approved by the Board, the Capital CAMPaign team will be spreading the word and asking for your help in making dreams become reality. We hope by the end of the year to unveil the master plan and begin our first major fundraising effort.  Until then, you can help us simply by telling people about Crystal Conference Center, where God is busy changing lives!

Grace and Peace,

Capital CAMPaign Committee