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Prayers & Support: Being defrauded by someone trusted

By January 22, 2019No Comments

Being defrauded by someone trusted causes great disappointment, anger, pain, frustration, and sorrow. Pastor Kingery Clingenpeel and the congregation of First Christian Church, Battle Creek are experiencing all of these feelings and more as they are the victims of a case of embezzlement that emptied the church’s savings account.

This awful situation is tragically compounded by the discovery of the body of the former chairperson of the elders, who had not been seen since September 2018, buried in an adjacent yard to her home. The investigation of each circumstance is in the very preliminary stage and limited information is available at this time.

Words are not adequate to convey the immensity of the challenge for Pastor Clingenpeel as he shepherds the congregation through this wilderness.

Please be intentional in praying for him and the congregation. More information on how best we can assist the congregation will be provided after we have consulted with Pastor Clingenpeel.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Eugene James,
Regional Minister